Sunday, December 4, 2011

A few more tidbits of progress

I have added two oval-shaped pieces of wood towards the bottom of the rear wall at the column bases. Every little piece of wood helps! Now I am starting more work on the columns near the top, where those head-shaped capitals are. I have added some wood to begin shaping the column structure underneath the busts...

Stepping back to take a look at the whole rear wall... it's starting to look like the real thing!

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  1. Hallo Ben

    I cannot write English but only reading. sorry
    So I translation it in Google

    I love your work.
    I also have registered on your blog.
    I noticed that you had linked to my site.
    I dont have that website no longer but now three blogs.
    Greetings Conny van/den Dungen
    Out the Netherlands