Monday, September 7, 2009

Construction of the front wall

The front wall I made just like the side ones, and it even includes the same arched windows. However the plywood that I bought was not wide enough to cut out one solid wall shape so I needed to create two halves and join them in the middle. So I cut out the front and back side of each half of the wall which totalled four pieces, then assembled them all together with studs in between. To make the wall strong as one assembled piece I made sure to overlap the studs along the center so that the wall had lots of reinforcement where it was joined in the middle. After many clamps were put into place I waited until I was sure all was dry. I then proceeded to add the same window edges as I had done previously on the side walls. At this point I really felt like I was creating a real room, with studs in the walls... electric lighting to be installed in the future... it was all coming together for real! I could set three walls together now along with a dowel posing as a column to get a glimpse of the room taking shape :)

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