Monday, September 7, 2009

No longer bare walls

Using a miter box and razor saw, a miniature table saw and a few dozen more tools I embarked on creating the very cool wood detailing on the side walls. Carefully studying photographs I was able to kick off this venture with a very encouraging start! The unique wooden molding pattern on the side walls was a very interesting design feature, which is the first feature I completed. And then I went on the create the wainscotting below. To create the recessed paneling I first laid down a frame of thin wood as a surround, then I mitered and rounded some small pieces to surround the inner edges. Then I created the raised panels which sucked to do! I bought a dremel miniature router and holding it upside down I ran the thin wood panels across the bit to create the routed edges... however many of them didn't end up with a straight edge because the small wood pieces are so sensitive and fragile around machinery like that, and the tool wasn't the most precise for the job either. But it turned out perfect in the end. And I'm proud to say that all of the wainscotting raised panels are now done and stacked up waiting for installation.

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