Monday, September 7, 2009

Making my own plastic parts

I had now added latticework between the arched side windows and some embossed wood molding along the top of them. Notice too the corinthian capital (column top) pictured here... that was a chore believe it or not! I had never before been involved with mold making and creating plastic pieces at home, but now I had an excuse to get very involved in it. After checking out some great videos online and going down to the plastics store and asking questions, I felt confident I could replicate whatever I needed for my model. I practiced making silicone molds of some action figures I had, and then making plastic copies using "room temperature vulcanizing" (heat curing) liquid plastic. They turned out half decent for a first try which was enough to make me confident. For the corinthian capitals I tried to sculpt one out of clay and then make plastic copies, but it didn't turn out as I'd hoped. So I looked long and hard on the internet for a suitable model which to copy from. I found a plaster corinthian column with a capital on top which was the perfect size. I needed to cut off the top and then sand down the back flat and thin so that it would fit on the wall correctly, and then I made a mold and duplicated the capital in plastic... which was perfect. After using some hobby putty to fill in the gaps around the capital pieces they turned out very clean and authentic.

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