Monday, September 7, 2009

The side walls take shape

I had to figure out how to make the walls, and I decided to build them just like full scale ones. After one of many trips to Michael's craft store I acquired some small 1/4" studs and some craft plywood to build the walls. First I started with the side walls, cutting out the basic shapes. Then I was a little stuck on how to cut out the arched windows... so I bought a drill press with a hole cutter and after marking out where the windows go I cut a hole at the top of the windows, then finished off the rest of the windows with a jigsaw. I did try a scroll saw but I didn't have the same control over the cuts as with a handheld jigsaw. After some sanding the window cutouts looked quite good, and so I commenced with gluing studs along one side of the wall and then gluing the other side of the wall on top of that... using clamps to hold it together for a day or so till the glue dried. The side walls looked great, but I still had to create a solid curved edge within the window cutouts...

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