Monday, September 7, 2009

An introduction...

Years ago before James Cameron's epic, I found myself in love with the Titanic. I was caught up in the story of her demise and the events that transpired the night she sank. As time has gone by I have been even more intrigued by Titanic's incomparable beauty! What an amazing abundance of luxury... everywhere you looked there were carved wooden moldings, gilded light fixtures and richly colored fabrics. I often find myself deep inside books pertaining to Titanic's construction and it's interior spaces. For some reason the 1st class dining saloon (dining room) on D deck fascinates me. It was vibrant white with wonderful architectural detail, and was the largest room afloat in the entire world. I also love to cook, which probably has something to do with all of this.

Now for some info on my miniature project :) I have spent several years now working on a 1:12 scale miniature of Titanic's 1st class dining saloon. Seeing as how the room was so grand in scale I'd need a miniature over 9 feet long if I made the whole thing at that scale! So I decided to make one of the side alcoves only, which allows me to still construct the miniature in 1:12 and give this thing the detail it deserves.

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