Monday, September 7, 2009

Scratchbuilt columns

Like just about everything else in this project I quickly realized the columns alongside the room would need to be scratchbuilt because you can't find that exact miniature piece in a hobby store obviously. But the more challenge the more reward on the other end. So I proceeded to make the columns. At first I tried using my router to create the wonderful slits in the columns, however after hours of trying I gave up on that method because it just wouldn't get the perfect clean look I wanted. So I built a border and then filled it with individually cut slits of wood which looked much better. The rest of the column was made by "Stacking" elements on top of each other which looks great. Every different shape or curve is pretty much a different piece of wood all the way up from bottom to top. Rounded edges were made by sanding the wood by hand, and little recessed cut lines were made with a razor saw. The section below the slotted area had detailing way to fine for me to carve by hand so I found some simulated leading stuff which is a thick liquid that hardens, which you can squeeze from a very small nozzle to make tiny details. I did my best at simulating the same design as seen from photographs of the columns' mid sections. The photo here shows me holding one of the finished mid sections with the top part of the column in the background.

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